JeffCamps: The Rainy Day Boot in yellow

Shoe Review:

More frequently JC has been making more and more of an appearance in my shoe closet from his Famous Lita's to these not so height adding Rain Boots.  The spin on the traditional rain boot that drew me to this shoe is that it doesnt engulf your whole leg just to have a rubber shoe made for rainy days & not flash floods.  Far too often its rather annoying to try to be fashion forward on a rainy day that doesnt look like your going to enter the worlds largest puddle jumping contest.  

The one thing I noticed about these pair of JCs is that they ran about a half size small -- so it caused me to get a bigger size.  Not a lady's favorite thing to do but for a cute shoe -- eeehhhh watevs.   Another fault from this Super Funky shoe is the fact that is a rain boot made of rubber....&nd like all rubber shoes -- Insulation is NOT your friend!  If the shoes are kept on too long or you don't have the proper socks on --
your feet will  f r e e e e e z e!    

The UP.side. to these shoes are that they are stylish and that extra special pop of much needed color to any drab rainy day.  Also, they are simplistic enough and have the right accent detail to wear to the office.  The faux shoelaces give it an oxford-esque type of shoe.  I really like the slip-on slip-off aspect of this shoe. The quality of the material does not stretch-out easily and become flimsy with repeated use of the shoe; thus the ankles are cover securely.  I would recommend this fashion forward rain boot that allows you to be stylish and prepared for any precipitation headed your way

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